the 30 funniest tweets about dads, happy father's day

the 30 funniest tweets about dads, happy father’s day

Sunday June 19, we will celebrate Father’s Day. Fathers will therefore be in the spotlight this weekend, and to honor them, on our side, we decided to select the 30 funniest tweets about them on Twitter. The opportunity to wish them a very happy father’s day a little ahead.


Ptdrrr it reminds me of when I announced the price of my AirPods to my father the gentleman was flabbergasted like he told me with that I can buy “18 packets of cement” ??????????

April 25, 2020


The day my father gave my brother €500 for clothes and he only came back with a north face down jacket, you have to see how he got hurt mdrrrrrrrr

February 15, 2022


My father who wakes me up at 5.30am and tells me “get ready, I’m taking you somewhere, it’s a surprise” and guess who’s at Disneyland? not me I’m in the forest I cut wood there

December 24, 2017


jm remembers my ex he had left with another girl he had put a photo of them on facebook my father had commented “hello it’s a shame my daughter was more beautiful kisses”

August 13, 2019


I still have the rage of the day when my father refused to let me go horseback riding because “it’s the horse that does sports”.

January 14, 2021


What is love? My father mowing and sparing the ONLY poppy in the garden by circling it because my mother told him she liked it.

May 29, 2021


I however brought back a diploma from a big school to my father but he never looked at me with as much pride as after installing IPTV in the living room

January 1, 2022


yesterday my father said to me “yeah and suddenly what are you doing for studies? ” WHAT DO YOU STUDY
in mode we just met leaning on the concrete bar

September 7, 2018


My little sister she made pancakes AGAIN my father he is fed up he said to her “until when are you going to do this? Take charge of your life » she is 12 years old

May 1, 2020


My father doing my sister’s homework is the attraction of the day he says to her “8 divide by 2? » she says « 1 » he says voilaaa that’s good that’s it writes « 1 » afterwards he fixes her by saying « and in addition you write 1?? » she even dares to write more

April 1, 2020


I just heard a discussion between my father and the cat he said to him “no I won’t let you go outside where is your certificate”

March 17, 2020


my father he called me Sylvie as a middle name so that my initials would be PSG, there is 0 valve…..

August 22, 2020


My father he gets up at 5 a.m. with me to unfreeze my car and you think I’m going to get married

January 14, 2022


– My father: It’s good my son, you get up early

– Me who had gone to get cakes before going to sleep:

March 31, 2020


My father who made me the joke “see you next year” on December 31 December 31, 2007 I specify jsp where he is it’s starting to get a little long but hey it’s a mess

January 9, 2022


My father is a fossil 25 years ago between the two photos ????

April 9, 2020


My father he is in the hospital look what he sends me

February 5, 2021


I’m down my father is devastated he wants to cancel his weekend in Switzerland Refund the tickets Kylian #FRASUI

June 28, 2021


This is my father since he retired

February 26, 2019


My father confiscated my sister’s phone and she went to lock herself in her room. Tema what did he slip under his bedroom door

October 24, 2018


My father is a pencil monster look.. a crack

September 23, 2019


I had to post this… my father should pay more attention to punctuation

January 2, 2022


ptdrrr I really thought my father had just fallen in love with a go he just did his 3rd dose ptn

December 28, 2021


I just saw my dad take a screenshot on his own, they grow up so fast

May 18, 2022


at least at the level of my schooling, my father understands me

February 21, 2018


Did I ever tell you about my dad’s humor?

July 19, 2021


I mourn my father this blander

February 8, 2021


My father: 6 x 6?
Me :

February 15, 2021


I present to you my father

September 8, 2020


When I was little my dad ironed my sheets so that my bed would be warm when I got in and you think I’m going to settle for less

November 26, 2021

Happy Father’s Day ! And if you want to find the same top tweets but for moms, you can read our previous article on the subject.

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