Takeover: Jean-Michel Aulas announces the existence of a 4th offer

Takeover: Jean-Michel Aulas announces the existence of a 4th offer

Jean-Michel Aulas at a press conference (Photo by PHILIPPE DESMAZES / AFP)

The day after the board of directors, Jean-Michel Aulas announced that he hoped that the date of June 23 would be respected to announce the future buyer. The Lyon president took the opportunity to ensure the existence of a fourth offer, still from the United States.

It’s almost a race against time that has been on the side of Décines for a few days. By announcing the deadline of June 23 to find the future shareholder chosen to take over the shares of Pathé and IDG Capital, Jean-Michel Aulas wanted to speed up a takeover process that is surely taking longer than he had imagined. Thursday, the Lyon president was obviously present for the board of directors with the theme of the in-depth reading of the three takeover offers on the table and all from the United States. But finally Foster GilletIconic Sports acquisition and John textor are not the only ones on the spot. Traveling to Nice on Friday, Aulas confirmed the existence of a fourth file, still from the country of Uncle Sam.

“We had a rather long council on Thursday since we are entering the decision-making phase. The good news is that there are several offers. And more than that has been said because there is a fourth offer from an American fund, which is quite takeable, the president told L’Equipe. We are approaching the decision. I hope it will be taken on June 23. We have advice on the 21st. Unless there is new information this weekend, I think we will know more on Tuesday.”

Aulas will keep control

The second board of directors to be held in a few days should therefore deliver its first elements of response. One thing is certain, everything is scrutinized carefully and it seems that all the candidates have in their possession the elements allowing them to seduce Jean-Michel Aulas and the CA. Whether Gillett acted as a favorite in the mind of the Lyon president with the assurance of keeping the head of the club, Aulas admitted that this objective was finally fulfilled with all the potential buyers, even John Textor who would have been rather reluctant at first glance .

“The objectives that we had set ourselves, which are of course to meet the exit expectations of shareholders who represent more than 40% of the shares, but also to strengthen equity very significantly to lead on an extraordinary sports investment, have been achieved, promises the man who celebrated his 35th birthday at the head of OL. And also the fact that I could keep my hand. It’s not that I absolutely wanted to, but the buyers are all interested in me staying. This third parameter is also on the way to being achieved. This process is long and difficult, but it is positive.”

The wait for the announcement is long but it should therefore soon end and perhaps allow theOL to move up a gear in the transfer market.

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