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Stéphane Plaza balances everything on his intimate life, Internet users are in shock!

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If there is indeed a host who continues to be talked about at this very moment, it is Stéphane Plaza! Indeed, as you can imagine, with more and more people who can directly contradict him, we suspect that this will not always please them. We can even say without being too mistaken that the famous animator and real estate agent speaks very little on the subject, so much so that it is rather quite rare that he gives quite crisp details about his sentimental life. .

A nightmare for Stéphane Plaza!

On the other hand, if we knew clearly what it was all about for Stéphane Plaza, it is clear that this could well and truly change everything for all those who would have wanted to have fun seeing the very latest information to his topic. As you will see, it turns out that you are really not going to be at the end of your surprises, so much so that it will be able to please many more people than it seems.

A short time ago, we remember, in fact, the various confidences that he had been able to realize then, and which had clearly been able to make all the difference for the famous animator that we know so well. But even more recently, it turns out that we were able to neither more nor less discover the host in a television program where he clearly did not hesitate to throw everything live, no offense to all those and those who might have thought otherwise. We can indeed imagine that this is clearly likely to make even more noise than we imagine…

An interview that doesn’t go as planned…

The famous host who officiates on the M6 ​​channel was therefore offered an exclusive interview on the France 2 channel, and more particularly in the Télématin program. As you will see, it turns out that the famous host clearly did not hesitate to hit very hard by again offering information that few people could have imagined. Indeed, he had rarely confided so much in his professional and personal life.

Are you a superman?

Although the famous television host is always endowed with a certain touch of humour, we can say without being too mistaken that his confidences sometimes send shivers down the spine: it can be difficult for some to fully understand if Stéphane Plaza allows himself to joke or not in these cases. As much to say it right away, with a rather crazy and busy schedule, we can clearly say that the host was clearly able to make all the difference…

A “superman” who no longer makes love!

It is therefore against all odds that Stéphane Plaza did not hesitate to swing everything during his interview on Télématin. While we were able to ask him if he was a “superman”, Stéphane Plaza was then able to give his secret to achieving so many projects. As much to say it right away, it may have amused the spectators, but we can also very well wonder if Stéphane Plaza does not have a much more worrying love life than we could have imagined…

I sleep less, I no longer make love two hours a day, that’s very important. If you want to save time, stop having sex! Months, I do it intellectually, I imagine making love but I don’t do it anymore. It’s good too

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