Laëtitia Provenchère

she is traumatized by the death of her husband and tells everything!

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While more and more people continue to take the lead in very complex family situations, it is clear that this may well change everything! Indeed, we have lost count of the number of times we have heard everything and its opposite about certain families who have sometimes experienced a traumatic situation, such as the loss of a parent. But this time around, it just so happens that if more and more people today can speak up about such crazy topics, it may also concern some reality TV contestants.

Laëtitia Provenchère tells her whole story in Large Families…

Thus, we could see that when Laëtitia Provenchère, the mother of Large Families, was able to speak for the very first time about the death of her husband, we can see that the viewers were all in shock when they discovered this new. As you will see, it also happens that a good number of people have been able to experience a rather unusual situation recently, with in particular certain situations which are quite catastrophic and difficult to believe for certain viewers who have been able to criticize it.

Just a few weeks ago, we can say that Laëtitia Provenchère has indeed made a rather sensational entry into the program Families and Many… And if we could have thought that her whole story was going to be able to tire viewers, the reality is very different. . It must be clearly said that the story of this mother is very unique in its kind!

Dad, he had a very big sore in the head, he died

Might as well say it right away, and without any ambiguity, you will be completely shocked when you discover this rather crazy and even rather surprising announcement…

A drama that was difficult to live for her…

The least we can say is that if the mother of a family continues to be talked about in the media, and especially since we can see her on the show Families clearly nothing by chance! Indeed, it turns out that she does not hesitate to be quite frank and direct with everything we can hear around her.

You might as well say it right away, you simply won’t believe your eyes and you may well have a hard time recovering from the sordid details of this family history like no other… As she was able to reveal, especially in a podcast where she has just taken the floor to tell the real ordeal she was able to experience. Might as well say it right away, you’re really not going to be at the end of your surprises…

Unfortunately he fell on his head… He underwent two operations and after the two days of hospitalization we were told that unfortunately there was no possible hope

A horrible death that she recounts in great detail…

It is therefore in this podcast that the mother of the family did not hesitate for a single second to throw everything in full live, with in particular the big decision that she was forced to take, in particular when she had to ask to “unplug » her husband, or the announcement to be made to her children. As much to say it right away, we imagine very clearly that this could well change everything for all those who can experience quite similar dramas and who need support. We imagine that Laëtitia Provenchère will be able to face a lot of criticism, however!

As we were married, I as a woman have to agree to disconnect my husband.

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