Jauffrey et Cyndie (Mariés au premier regard 6) sur le point de divorcer ? Une conversation change la donne !

Married at first sight: Cyndie traumatized by Jauffrey’s toilet “I peed in the shower before going to bed! »

Judged by the psychologists of Married at first sight compatible, Jauffrey and Cyndie had both gone to Gibraltar to celebrate their union. As the program rules require, they had not met until then. Suddenly, the surprise was total for the two candidates who immediately fell in love with each other. It is therefore with optimism that they continued their adventure in the romance program of M6 with the wedding night and then the honeymoon. These long days spent together had also allowed them to get to know each other better. So they decided to take it one step further.

A bad surprise for Cyndie

In the episode of Married at first sight of Monday June 13, 2022, Cyndie then discovered the apartment of the beautiful Jauffrey. Having always lived alone, the young man had obviously not really prepared for the arrival of his bride. The interior was still upside down when the candidate arrived on site. The young man said he had made some efforts to make her feel comfortable, but an essential element of the place where he lived was not working. The toilets having been out of use, the couple had to make do with the means at hand to relieve themselves. Hence the less negative impression of the young woman during the interview.

Jauffrey and the beautiful Cyndie had had a lot of time to get to know each other before the young woman came to her darling. She had therefore been generally informed of what awaited her once there. The candidate of Married at first sight had however promised to finalize some work before his arrival. He actually did, but it was obviously not enough for the one the psychologists had chosen for him. As a result, it was impossible for them to cook at home from day one.

You had to improvise to meet your needs

Cyndie remembers in particular the fact that the two lovebirds went to the restaurant to eat. She therefore took the opportunity to do her business. Confidences humorous which were far from being in their terms insofar as she would have urinated in the shower before sleeping. We can already imagine what it could have been for the young woman, but this is already a premise of what can await them one day if they remain united. Life in a couple is indeed far from always rosy and the fact of having experienced this situation together could contribute to strengthening their relationship.

A couple goals

It is not yet known if Jauffrey and Cyndie are still married. One thing is certain, the two lovebirds spun perfect love throughout their journey in Married at first sight. This, despite the few apprehensions of the candidate in relation to the fact that her darling is so attached to her friends. Being a top athlete, his best friends are none other than Florent Manaudou and Frédérick Bousquet. Men who had already worn the colors of France on several occasions. She had therefore wondered if she would have her place in this almost perfect alchemy that had existed several years before Married at first sight. We are already looking forward to seeing the rest of their adventures in the channel’s flagship program.

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