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Laeticia Hallyday to the angels, “deeply moved”: the baby…

We remember that Laeticia Hallyday did not participate in the documentary “Johnny by Johnny”. And for good reason, she was already working on another project. Indeed, she is now able to present her new “baby” to the public and she proudly announces it on her Instagram account! We invite you to discover the details in this article!

The fruit of a battle by Laeticia Hallyday

As we said above, Laeticia Hallyday concentrated in the realization of this work in collaboration with all the relatives of her late husband. A way of saying that her relationship with Johnny Hallyday still continues… in a way. Indeed, she never let go, even when the situation forced her to do so. Because during the accomplishment of this work, the mother of Jade and Joy was doing facing a difficult situation. Still, that didn’t stop her from pursuing the project in honor of her late Johnny.

Focused and determined to succeed in this bet, she fights against the disease while continuing to work on the project. Indeed, the widow of the most popular rocker of all time was going through a difficult ordeal. And for good reason, there was a time when she was unwell. We remember that she was hospitalized. A test that she has – fortunately – not crossed alone. Since her current companion has taken good care of her, but not only… Indeed, all her loved ones have come together to take care of her!

The arrival of his dear and tender project

But after having overcome these difficult times, Laeticia Hallyday has completely recovered. And today, she is proud to present the fruit of a long and hard work. Indeed, in collaboration with a determined and ambitious team like her, the pretty blonde finally presents this project that is so close to his heart. And the emotions are there! At the beginning of her publication, she specifies: “Deeply moved and proud to be able to share this magnificent exhibition in tribute to Johnny”.

But that’s not all, she exposes the steps that she and her team had to follow to carry out this work. A real obstacle course, the project took two years before – finally – materializing! And the job behind it is truly colossal. Research, memories and a combination of the spectacular and the intimate… this exhibition will be a way for everyone to “rediscover or discover” the late husband of Laeticia Hallyday.

Laeticia Hallyday promises an upcoming release of the exhibition

Johnny Hallyday’s widow promises a new and original rediscovery of the man that her husband really was. Indeed, through this exhibition, a very rich journey through time will be at the rendezvous. All the criteria that made the man what he was: “his sense of detail, show, spectacle and his disproportionate ambition for his audience” could be read on Laeticia Hallyday’s post.

Finally, the forty-year-old and her team therefore ensure a first appearance in Brussels at the end of 2022. But in Paris, fans must still wait a year before reconnecting with the world of their favorite star. Indeed, in her publication, Laeticia Hallyday points out that the exhibition will only take place at Paris only from the beginning of 2024.

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