La Liga and his lawyer Juan Branco demand the termination of Mbappé's contract with PSG

La Liga and his lawyer Juan Branco demand the termination of Mbappé’s contract with PSG

After confirming that it had lodged complaints with UEFA against Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City, who “continually breach current Financial Fair Play regulations”, La Liga has moved up a gear by detailing, Friday, from the luxurious Parisian hotel Le Meurice, the procedures initiated or to come against PSG.

To do this, La Liga commissioned the highly publicized Franco-Spanish lawyer, Juan Branco, who presented himself to the media in a decorum of relative discretion, with two panels on which we can see his name and that of the League. The displayed goal of Juan Branco and Javier Tebas, the sulphurous president of the Spanish Football League and best enemy of PSG version QSI?

“A change of system” of the finances of European clubs aimed at thwarting the plans of the new rich belonging directly or indirectly to States, as is the case for PSG (Qatar), Man City (United Arab Emirates) or Newcastle (Saudi Arabia).

La Liga wants to cancel the approval of Mbappé’s contract

The complaint against City was filed in April, while that against PSG was “this week”, said La Liga. She added that she would continue to intensify the legal actions against these two clubs “with the aim of undertaking administrative and legal actions before the competent French authorities and the European Union as soon as possible”.

Regarding the PSG, Juan Branco, explained Friday, in remarks relayed by The Parisianthat his “entry point” would be the Mbappé file, after the signing of the new contract for number 7 until June 2025. According to him, “The DNCG [le gendarme financier du foot français] should have noted PSG’s breach of the rules of financial fair play at national but also European level.

He thus requests “the repeal of the approval decisions taken by the LFP relating to any contract signed by the PSG after June 25, 2021”, date of the last presentation of the accounts before the DNCG. This therefore does not concern Kylian Mbappé’s only contract, but all those signed last summer during the XXL transfer window for the Parisians (Messi, Hakimi, Donnarumma, Wijnaldum and Sergio Ramos).

Unfair competition from “club-states”

always according to The Parisian, Juan Branco clarified that La Liga was going to “file an appeal with the LFP so that it contacts the DNCG for a control of opportunity” of the PSG accounts. If this did not succeed, it could then turn to the Administrative Court of Paris, or even the European Commission”, with the aim of “harmonizing” the regulations and initiating “a formal procedure for abuse of a dominant position”.

While Spanish clubs are up to their necks in debt – FC Barcelona reported a debt of 1.3 billion euros last February and that of Real Madrid is around 900 million euros , according to several Spanish media – Javier Tebas does not like the way of life of his rich European competitors, who rely on the equity of sovereign states.

“La Liga considers that these practices alter the ecosystem and the sustainability of football, harm all European clubs and leagues, and only serve to artificially inflate the market, with money that is not generated in the market. football itself,” the Spanish league statement read.

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