“I adore the childish spirit, whether it is on the side of enchantment or on the side of insolence”

“I adore the childish spirit, whether it is on the side of enchantment or on the side of insolence”

The actor, familiar with the director’s universe, interprets the role of Alain in Incredible but true, of Quentin Dupieux, the character most ” normal “ of this comedy in the form of a moral tale, distilling as much, if not more, concern than laughter.

In 2014, you performed in “Reality”, by Quentin Dupieux, a horror film director who is looking for the ideal cry. Many actors would not have returned to shoot with this filmmaker…

I always come back with pleasure to Quentin Dupieux, I agree with his cinema since his first film, which was called Nonfilm [2001], and he’s a charming guy, too. It’s been the fourth time, if I count another scream, that he’s pushed me off in At office ! [2018], and his new film which was in Cannes this year, Smoking makes you cough.

Do you see, over time, an evolution in his style?

Frankly, I see a Quentin Dupieux film each time and a different film at the same time. He is constantly exploring a new form. It’s going to be frankly comical, type Dumb and Dumber [1994], from the Farrelly brothers, with their twisted narrative tricks, to fantastic comedy, like Incredible but true, where around the surreal element things are almost normal…

Do you think we can qualify this film, which is a moral tale and which distills a certain anguish, comedy?

Ah yes, in any case, me, it makes me laugh. But, for all that, the film does not leave us alone. We are no longer at the time of yéyés. We live in a certain mess, all the same. So, even if we don’t know exactly what era we are in, even if people don’t have their noses in their cellphones all day, the film captures our era, its fears and its madness.

You continue to carry out multiple activities at the same time. Have you ever been tempted to tighten them on directing?

Yes, it’s my drama, I’m a turtle. I admire Quentin Dupieux, I don’t know how he keeps up such a pace. I would love to make a film a year. To think it’s not that bad, and too bad if you don’t make a masterpiece. Delivering something of quality every time is still very difficult. Same [Jean-Pierre] Mocky, whom I love very much, couldn’t do it.

We find this eclecticism even in your creations. You go easily from the wacky film, like “Didier” (1997), to the blockbuster “Asterix” (2002) or to the film for young audiences…

Yes, because I always walk between my two great loves of youth. Walt-Disney-Gosciny on one side and L’Echo des savanes-Charlie Hebdo the other. I adore the childish spirit, whether it is on the side of enchantment or on the side of insolence. I like to hear children laughing in theaters, because children don’t give a damn about politeness, they go out if they think it sucks, and when they stay and they like it, I’m super happy.

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