6 trends better than sneakers for the heat wave

6 trends better than sneakers for the heat wave

As the modosphere prepares to transition scorching in summer, the occasion could not be better for give up sneakers. And for good reason, although trendy, sneakers are too covering, are synonymous with discomfort and sometimes even perspiration. Thus, rather than wearing sneakers that we appreciate for their perfect stabilitywhy not swap them for flat shoesideal for taking a first step in summer?

Flat shoes: what are the 6 trends for summer 2022?

Passage notice for sneaker lovers who swear by their sports shoes in all weathers. The summer season and the rise in temperatures require the wearing of open sandals which let the skin breathe without compressing the feet. So, to cover multiple kilometers and run in all directions this summer, let’s set our sights on these flat models that will make us forget our traditional sneakers.

Fisherman sandals

Because they lengthen and refine the legs due to their cumbersome aesthetic, fisherman sandals are a real bonus shoe trends for summer 2022. Reason enough for these flat shoes to hold us in their nets and make us forget about sneakers. How do we recognize them? Thanks to their thick sole and wide straps in real or synthetic leather.

Colorful flat mules

As practical as flip flops, flat mules impose their style for summer 2022. All in all this season, it’s all about color, and in particular pink, neon green, blue and retro orange. A shoe trend echoing the pairs of the Italian brand The Attico.


The quintessence of Chanel and Dior wardrobes, slingbacks have been worn since 1937, when they became part of the heritage of the first of the two French luxury houses. Traditionally beige with a black toe designed to shorten the foot, these kitten heels can also be presented without heels.

T sandals

Relaunched by the reboot of the series gossip girl last year, the so-called “Salomés” T sandals became a new reference shoes for summer 2022. Representative of the preppy style and that of Manhattan’s golden youth, these open sandals are recognizable thanks to perpendicular straps that support the instep – forming a signature “T”. The good news ? They are also available without heels.

Flat babies

Like a woman-child, the flat babies stand out as the ready-made alternatives for women who appreciate the comfort of ballet flats but who don’t like their childish silhouette. Maison Margiela, Carel, Jonak… Babies without heels are reissued by our favorite shoe brands.

The flip-flops

A thousand miles from the beach wardrobe with which they were associated, the flip flops are preferred in quilted or smooth materials like sober or colored leather. This summer ? We wear them in town without any complex.

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