Trauma, Surgery, Sexual abstinence, Gray hair, Money, Men in her life...

Trauma, Surgery, Sexual abstinence, Gray hair, Money, Men in her life…

Lio turns 60 on June 17! His real name, his terrible trauma, his romances, the money, his white hair, his sexual abstinence, his children… and other secrets of the star of the 80’s.

Leo turns 60 June 17! The singer, who told us not to “be afraid of getting old“, has passed the milestone of sixty… but radiant, please! His real name, his terrible trauma, his heart stories, his white hair, his sexual abstinence, his children… and everything you (perhaps) didn’t know about the unforgettable performer of banana split.

Lio: his real (and amazing) name

Vanda Maria Ribeiro Furtado Tavares de Vasconcelos (his real name) was born in Mangualde, Portugal, on June 17, 1962. It was his grandfather’s doctor who helped him give birth. Then the family moved to mozambique, where his father served as a military sergeant. When she was only 6 years old, the singer had to flee the country with his mother and her lover, Alberto, to escape the horror of the colonial wars pushed by Salazar, dictator in power. It’s in Belgium, in Charleroi, that all three put down their suitcases. There, his half-sister Helena Noguerra was born.

Lio, raped at age 10

Lio is going through a terrible trauma at only 10 years old. “I was raped by a relative when I was 10 in the back of my parents’ car. digitally“, she told Tele-Leisure. Her little sister, 3 years old at the time, was then close to her and her parents are in the front of the car.

Nobody ever called it a rape and me, I realized two years ago that I was raped. I put that word on it. And since nothing goes“, she lamented.

Lio: how she chose her stage name

Where does his stage name Lio come from? It is while leafing through Jean-Claude Forest’s comic strip, Barbarellathat the singer discovers the Leo character, who takes her images with her to survive. It’s decided, it will be his stage name…

Was Lio aware of the meaning of “Banana Split”?

Lio, who often goes to the media library where his mother works, meets Jacques Duvall, singer and lyricist, who becomes his producer. While she is only 16 years old, she knows a real success with her tube banana split, whose lyrics are erotic. But far from being naive, Lio is aware of the double meaning of the song. “Because I had heard France Gall before“, she explained in Telematinin reference to the song The lollipopsthe lyrics of which underlyingly described fellatio.

Lio, ousted from The Voice: “I talked too much”

The singer, who officiates as a coach in The Voice Belgium in 2011 and 2012, was finally ousted from the program… because of his frankness? I’ve talked too much again. You have to open your mouth when there is a microphone in front, and not to say anything. They are young talents, they sometimes come from underprivileged backgrounds and all of a sudden I discover that they are sleeping in their car because they are not paid for the petrol on the way back” she confided on RTL.

Lio: her children prefer her without her white hair

If Lio often sported his white hair without complex in recent years, she dyed them again in 2017 for the film stars 80. Something to delight her children, who prefer her with her ebony hair. “I know they love me and their judgment is not twisted. By redoing my color, I became young again and I walked away from death and when they were going to lose me“, she told us.

Lio: age and make-up

If Lio has “not afraid to age“, the singer has sometimes trouble putting on makeup. “It amuses me but I have not found the pleasure yet because the eyes that fall are difficult to make up. To put on makeup now, I have to lift (the eyelid)! The line of eyeliner should take a more sinuous path. I have yet to find the makeup that will allow me to be creative despite these bumps and bumps.“, she explained to us. As for the surgeryshe is not “neither fiercely for nor fiercely against“.

Lio: his desire “closed” by…

Female desire? Me, I don’t know him. It has been mortgaged, closed off by the desire of the men I wanted to please because they take up all the space”. unveiled Lio, at the microphone of France Inter.

Lio, sexual abstainer

The sexy and provocative star has revealed that she hasn’t had sex for 8 years.It’s been since I was 50, I don’t sleep anymoreshe explained to France Inter. An abstinence desired and desired by the artist of Portuguese origin, who nevertheless admitted to having done makes a notable exception but with a bear“.

That’s very different! I call him bear because he is a nice bear! I’m not telling you because it is obviously of the order of the intimate and it is of the political order”, Lio added.

Lio: all the men in his life

Free vamp and passionate woman, Lio had a turbulent love life, starting with her fiery romance. with singer Alain Chamfort in 1986. An idyll which had given rise to a very violent rupture according to the latter…

Seductive Lio had also dated musician Alexis Zad at the end of the 90’s, against which she had lodged a complaint after acts of violence.

Lio: his large family

The bubbly brunette that doesn’t count for plums is mother of six children, born to four different fathers. Nubia, 35 years old, daughter of editor and photographer Michel Esteban, Igor, 28 years old, born of its history with the film director Alexis Tikovoï, Emerald, 27 years old, the twins Garance and Léa, 23 years oldfruits of Zad and Lio’s love, and Diego, 19 years old.

A family life and relationships with men not always easy to manage which Lio had spoken to Gala in 2018.”Most of the time, I make a better living than them. Then, when it’s not, I have to ask to go before a judge and pay for a lawyer. After three passages without result, I do like all single women: I give up, she had declared.

Lio, “nomad”: money and way of life

As for his financial situation, it is not catastrophic… but not ideal either! “I don’t live badly, but I live in tight flow. I do not have no cash. I never cared about any of that. When I was earning a good living, other people managed that aspect“, explained this “nomadic” at Gala. “Me, I have always lived in a suitcase, I have never stayed more than three years in the same place. Today I don’t even have a place of my own“, she added.

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